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Laser Hair Reduction

Quanta Duetto MT

Laser Hair Removal

The Quanta Duetto MT EVO laser is the absolute gold standard for hair removal. It uses advanced mixed technology, including two true laser wavelengths (755nm and 1064nm) and patented technology with three emission modes to destroy follicles and effectively remove hair long-term. As the machine is one of the best in the market, we will be able to treat even darker skin types and lighter hair colors.


Small areas laser hair reduction:

upper lip, chin, sideburns, toes, fingers, midbrow, lower lip, underarms, ears, forehead, nipple area.

140 AED +VAT
Back Pain

Large areas laser hair reduction:

thighs, full arms, full back, full chest and abdomen.

550 AED +VAT
Neck and Chin

Medium areas laser hair reduction:

feet, bikini, knees, lower legs, hands, half arms, buttocks, half back, shoulders, full neck, beard shaping, full face.

290 AED +VAT
Beauty Care

Laser full legs:

Full legs laser hair reduction.

660 AED +VAT
Machine cosmetology

Laser full body (No chest and back):

Full body laser hair reducing NOT including chest and back.

1650 AED +VAT
Woman in Underwear

Women's essentials:

Including : bikini, lower leg, under arms and upper lip.

790 AED +VAT
Laser Hair Removal

Laser full body:

Laser hair reduction including all areas.

1870 AED +VAT
Happy Man

Men's core:

Including: chest , back, shoulders and under arms.

900 AED +VAT
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