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What you need to know about fillers!

Dermal filler is a very popular procedure for restoring and adding volume to depressed areas such as under eyes , smile lines , nose , cheeks and lips.

It also eliminates wrinkles and lines to give the face a fuller, more youthful look. Although recovery time is short for fillers, patients should adhere to certain post-operative instructions for the best outcomes and experience.

A quick recovery and few restrictions:

The recovery time needed for dermal filler varies from patient to patient. Recovery typically takes one to two days and the final results will be seen in 2 weeks time. The majority of patients are ready to resume their regular activities right away after treatment. In fact, some patients schedule their appointments during their lunch break and then head back to the office. Dermal fillers come with very few limitations. However, it's best to avoid intensive exercise for the first couple of days to give the filler product time to set and the skin time to heal with the least amount of swelling and bruising.

Minimal Pain and Side Effects:

Dermal fillers have a few of very mild side effects. These symptoms include bruising, tenderness, and redness at the injected areas. The discomfort or tenderness usually stays for a few days and can be treated with over-the-counter painkillers like paracetamol.

When you work with a trained and skilled injector, serious complications like infections are uncommon. Nevertheless, during your consultation, our staff will go over all potential risks and side effects with you.

Immediate results:

Following your dermal filler procedure, you will notice an immediate improvement in your appearance. The final results, however, may not be visible for a few days or weeks as the swelling subsides. Your results' longevity will depends on the product you used, how much you had injected, which facial areas you had treated and the patient.

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