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Why Should You Have An In-Clinic/Professional Facials?

Torn in between getting a facial and just doing your regular skincare routine at home? Well, unlike any other things, achieving great and healthy skin needs commitment and investment (Skin-vestment) Your at home skincare routine is more likely to be 70% of it and 30% is in clinic/professional treatments, let us elaborate it for you:

At home skincare routine vs. Professional treatments

It is possible to take care of the skin at home with the use of good quality products. So why still go for a facial? Think about it, as with many other things, why call in a another person (preferably a professional) to help you out in a task? This is because there are some aspects of the job that can be done or cannot be done properly on your own.

Let’s just take the example of extractions. It is better if someone else (again hopefully a professional) is doing it for you because you may not be able to see or reach certain spots and you may not be able to get the good angle in order to get the extraction done right.

Another key difference to at-home treatments with professional facial treatments is that facilities and industry practitioners have access to products and equipment that are not otherwise available for home use. A lot of these professional products require a good understanding of what they do and training on how they work and how they are supposed to be used as they usually are more potent than products that can bought for home-use. Can the potency or strength of products being used have an effect on benefits a person may have on the treatment? You might already know that the answer to that is “Absolutely!”.

With that being said, if you are looking into resolving skin issues or you want your skin to look a certain getting professional help in conjunction with practicing a solid skincare routine will speed up getting to your goals faster and possibly with better results.

After Effects of Facial

As with any procedure being done on the skin, face and body, certain risks are always a possibility. Redness and sensitivity may occur after a facial. Tenderness and scabbing may happen on extraction sites and they can also leave a dark or a red mark for a bit whilst healing (Note: Although scarring can be brought about by extractions, this occurrence is very rare. More often than not, these marks left behind are not “scars” as they will eventually go away. So many things to say about this but we’ll save this discussion for some other time)

It is imperative that the recommendations of your therapist after the treatment be followed to avoid mishaps and achieve optimal results.

The right candidate for a facial

A good candidate for a facial is someone open minded and patient apart from not suffering from any contraindications such as broken skin, active cold sores, inflammatory rosacea, dermatitis, etc..

Patience is key in resolving any present skin issues and any other concerns that may arise from the treatments being done. It has to be remembered that facial treatments, whilst beneficial is not magic. It is not possible to pre-determine how many sessions one might need in order to achieve their skin goals because each individual will have different skin which will behave in many different ways. There are even some instances that one will have to go through as much as 6 months of consistent treatment for results that they want.

It is best to discuss with your therapists what you may want to see with your skin and what options they have to offer. Aside from that, following the skincare routine and possibly using the products they have recommended will help you achieve your skin goals faster.

Why are most facials costly?

This may not be an accurate generalization as you may be able to get facial treatments that will fit your budget. For the treatments that are “pricey” there will be several factors for this (mostly business related such as operational and overhead costs and investments). One main thing to look into is that if the facility is using really good products because really good products come with a matching pricetag.

Some industry professionals as well would have higher fees for their services than their counterparts as these individuals would be charging you for their experience and expertise in the field.

To sum it up, facials are beneficial not only for people with problematic skin but also as maintenance to keep your skin and healthy. Taking care of your skin, like any other parts of your body would require professional attention (that might require some extra dirhams or not) but for sure it’s worth it especially when you come to the right place.

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