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Winter Ready Skincare

“Winter is coming” to qoute The Game of Thrones, get ready to get more dryness on the wrong places.. i.e. Dry skin, chapped lips and other cold-weather woes.

-Why would it get dry?

As soon as the cold weather comes, the humidity drops and when the humidity drops, the tendency is to have drier skin or in worst cases, trigger allergy symptoms.

-Why is humidity important for the skin?

Humidity is the measurement of water droplets present in the air. So if you live in an area where high humidity is present like here in UAE (during summer), you have the tendency to sweat excessively which can bring a lot of skin issues along with it. If ever you reside in the place where it has low humidity, it means that the area is lacking moisture and could make your skin be dry or drier.

-How can we prevent our skin from getting damaged this winter season?

1. Avoid direct contact from water

– Try cleansing/layering your skin with oil first and remove before you get out of shower.

Most importantly, layer your face and body products while your skin is damp to retain

it’s moisture.

2. Avoid hot showers or baths

– We know.. how ironic right? Hot water strips of natural and essential moisture your have

on your skin. If possible, warm water can be ideal but make sure to moisturize afterwards.

3. Avoid products that have alcohol and fragrance.

– It has a tendency to worsen itchy and dry skin.

3. Take care of your lips and eye area.

– Knowing that these areas have the thinnest skin so it means it has little to no oil glands to

keep it moisturized.

4.Wear a breathable fabrics.

– Synthetic fabrics might cause itchiness. It’s advisable to wear light and soft layers.

5. Invest for a Humidifier

– As we have mentioned, humidity plays a huge role for skin so better have an alternative.

-What are the important products I should use?

1. Avoid alcohol-heavy cleansers

– Use oil based /cream based/ balm / gel cleanser instead. Alcohol and fragrance can

result to extra dryness.

2. Vitamin C

Encourages faster cell turnover and collagen.

3. Use the correct moisturiser for your skin type.

– Cause moisturisers act as barrier.

Oily Skin – non-comedogenic moisturisers

Dry Skin – Heavy/Oil-based moisturisers

4. Incorporate products that have lipids

– Lipids are skin’s natural fats that is essential in maintaining the skin’s barrier.

5. Incorporate products that have ceramides

Ceramides maintains the natural moisture barrier

6. Add Hyaluronic Acid as well

– Hyaluronic Acid to help skin hold hydration without the use of heavy creams.

7.Use gentle exfoliators

– It can help with removing dead skin cells by the cold winter air without damaging your

skin barrier. (If done correctly)

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